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About Us

We want to make people invest easier.

We are a Social Investing App for newbie and expert investors. Our Mission is to empower retail investor to have good investing knowledge and a reliable platform to connect, learn, and invest.

Our Story

Most of our team comes from the capital market and crypto industry. We've seen that retail investors always try to beat the market with very limited access to knowledge and credible information about the market. Turns out that many retail investors are not investing in the right way. With rapid growth of number of investors in Indonesia, literacy and inclusivity still become a hurdle for most newbie investors.

 We try to bring access for newbies to qualified experts from the industry so investors can share knowledge and information. The experts will share anything from personal finance to advanced investing.  Investors can also explore instant analysis and investing tools to make investment journey more fun and easier. Our passion is to make investing easier for everyone which interprets the value of products that are Simple, Reliable, Structured, and Relevant. 

Meet The Team

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